Giving you more outdoors

How we work

Once you have decided that your garden needs some help, the only call you need to make is to OTGD. I will visit your property to discuss in broad terms what the issues are and suggest some possible outcomes. This may be all you need, some good practical advice, but hopefully, it is only the beginning of the project.


The next step is to create some concept drawings that will show some of the potentials of your garden. From these, we can discuss some of the options that are available to you in more detail and decide how you want to proceed.

The next step would be to finalise the design and budget and have a more detailed set of drawings done.

If you are happy with these then a quote will be prepared and if accepted the project will be underway. A plan for the construction of the project will be agreed on and the transformation can begin.

If consents are required from the City Council I will manage that process for you.

There are some situations that don’t require the design process: your project may be small or simple and not need plans, or you may already have plans drawn. In these cases, I am happy to give free quotes.

My entry point into your project can be at any stage.